Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Change Password

Hello again with you in the summer has a new together. This article will tell you how to change the password for your Hotmail account.First, you need to be safe for the Hotmail account password secure.If you believe that your password is simple and easy to urge you to read our article. Login to your Hotmail account by typing your e-mail address and password. Profile picture by clicking on the top right corner of the "Account Settings" and login. Is a special section for the account settings you will be asked to restart your password. After entering your password at the "Overview" section of the "password" option. Now in the first box, type your new password in the password that you use the box to save the other two.
hotmail login

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hotmail Calendar Application

In the previous article we talked about your Hotmail account you can use as an organizer with Calendar application. In this article, we will describe how to use the Calendar app with your Hotmail account. In order to open the Calendar app with your Hotmail account, login by entering your username and password. On the upper left of the screen that appears, click the down arrow next to the Outlook. Below are four different options will appear. These are: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and SkyDrive. You can login to your calendar, select the Calendar app. In view of the Calendar application, so set your calendar months. If you want to right the "View" button to change to your appearance. Month view, as opposed to the "Week" and "Day" options are available. Here you can choose what you want, but we recommend the "Month" view to use. "Month" view, you can see a combination of 42 days. In addition to this you can see the 4-day weather forecast. To add an event to a day you want to come and Click on that day. Activity in the first box that appears, type your name, what time the event starts in the lower box on a side of a box, specify the number of hours long. The lower-right corner of the "Save" button to save your event.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Skydirve, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Hotmail account online file storage and sharing service. Microsoft's SkyDrive service is free of charge and not just a Hotmail account with Outlook, all Windows operating systems, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iOS operating systems can run on Microsoft SkyDrive, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers have the capability to share between. SkyDrive application you want to use it as an area allocated 7 GB. Photos, important documents and presentations can practice SkyDrive. Also Word, Excel, PowerPoint files on your computer as well as office use office programs open without SkyDrive application.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hotmail Security

Hello, how safe are you going to tell your Hotmail account in this paper. As you know, your Hotmail account with a user name and password are entered. First of all I need to tell someone to do something like take over your Hotmail account does not exist. With access to your Hotmail account on your computer is stolen, but realized. If you have a strong security protection on your computer to access your computer you will be blocked. Another important point is the question of privacy and password. Privacy Policy Do not short and simple answer to your question. You can try to make a long and complicated. Only use letters and numbers. For example, "! '^ +% & / () = As the signs will not be able to use a Hotmail account theft. This marks the end of the answer to your question, or as per your privacy can putting. If this figure in shape in the same way as your account password never played.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail account with your loved ones, your friends will use to communicate with an e-mail service. Moreover, by registering for the Hotmail service is free and can start using immediately. To register for the Hotmail account to Hotmail so you must specify a user name and password. So you open your Hotmail account. After you can add your friends to your account online or offline conversations. If you want to be able to resolve the longing for loved ones by making video calls. Just click on the + sign first top-right corner to send your mail, so the recipient can send your mail to send the address of the person writing. If you want to send mail to multiple recipients, type a space, leaving the other person to send the e-mail address.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hotmail Login

In order to be able to access your Hotmail account, you need to have a hotmail account. When you open your Hotmail account e-mail address and password to log in to your Hotmail account constitutes send. Especially note the password that you create a password that is not easy to determine and enter yourself. Hotmail e-mail account and send mails look. You can also chat with your friends online.